24 Superior Cleaning LTD offers cleaning and care services
for your floors in a planned manner and in accordance
with the highest standards.

Our professional floor cleaning service will restore your floors to their former condition, even in wet or high-grease areas, and we can clean most types of surfaces, including tile, concrete, PVC, laminate, and anti-slip coatings. We are experienced in industrial floor treatment and understand that the safety of customers and staff using your facilitates is paramount. Our team of floor cleaning specialists will ensure every job is completed to the highest standard.

Clean and tidy floors are a great showcase.

Every day, during use, all kinds of dirt are rubbed into the surface, such as sand brought on footwear, spilt liquids. Regular washing is necessary to maintain the right look, but even the best work will not stop the floor from being worn. Therefore, it is very important to clean the floors thoroughly from time to time and protect them with special coatings that will not only improve the appearance but will also take on daily dirt, extending the life of the floor.

Our floor impregnation service guarantees high aesthetics of the cleaned spaces, but the most important goal is to protect the floor against excessive wear and extend its longevity. Professionally made service gives a gloss effect for a long time. We mainly in Offices, Schools, Universities, Hospitals, Restaurants, Shops or even Production Units.

Our company provides professional services of the highest quality.
Get the pros involved and take one more item off of your to-do list.