Every Chef knows how crucial is
to organize your work

In Gastronomic business, there is a set of restrictive regulations that must comply not only with Restaurants and Hotels but as well with  Pubs or even School canteens. Additionally, it’s important to pay special attention to technical and hygienic conditions of devices and places that have contact with food. Only regular and thorough cleaning ensures that the highest standards of cleanliness are maintained.

You can maintain a sufficient of hygiene through daily servicing.

However, on less accessible surfaces such as walls, ceilings, lighting, kitchen equipment, accumulated dirt and dust is a portion of potential food for dangerous bacteria and germs, which can lead to uncontrolled spread.

Kitchens in restaurants are 

frantic, full of dynamism but 

that doesn’t mean they have 

to lack in effectiveness.

Unfortunately, in order to achieve 

a perfect kitchen, it is necessary 

to keep your workplace clean, 

and keeping it clean can distract 

from producing some really 

mouthwatering delicacies.

Cleaning up the kitchen after

a hard working day

can be extremely exhausting and tiering.

It requires a lot of time, 

tools and cleaning supplies, 

which not every place always has.

24 Superior Cleaning LTD offers specialized and regular services for thorough and deep cleaning in commercial kitchens so that the places where meals are prepared could meet the highest standards of safety and hygiene. We will remove any tough burnt and accumulated fat from hard to reach places to eliminate bacteria and the risk of product contamination.

We will adapt to your requirements. Our service may include cleaning the entire kitchen or individual appliances. For you, we will plan visits at times most convenient for you, ensuring minimal disruptions in your business.

In 2020, 24 Superior Cleaning LTD provided a budget for the implementation of 2,020 free demos
for our current and future customers. Do not lose this opportunity and make
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