When was the last time you really
touched your carpet?

If you are like most homeowners, your carpet is primarily used for walking on. In fact, if your carpet has not been professionally cleaned recently, you might feel compelled to wash your hands after touching it!

No matter how careful you are, normal wear and tear from kids, pets, and guests – not to mention the occasional “accident” – can leave your carpets looking far from their best.

At 24 Superior Cleaning we think you should be able to fully enjoy your carpets.
Sit on them, lay on them, play with your kids on them, and never feel uncomfortable doing so.

Vacuuming is NOT enough. Even the best vacuum cleaners remove only a fraction of the deep down dirt, mildew, pet waste, dust mites and other allergens lurking in your carpet. The only way to get them really clean is with regular professional carpet cleanings. 

Think of your carpets as your home’s largest air filters: they collect dust, dirt, bacteria, and allergens that may not even be visible on the surface. Once collected, these micro-toxins are breathed in when you walk across the carpet and agitate them from their resting place.

Allergy Relief Cleaning ...

Many of the allergy-aggravating contaminants in our homes live in our carpets and upholstery, making deep cleaning these surfaces vital.

Our professional allergy relief cleaning services will remove allergens such as dust mites and pet dander from your carpets and upholstery, helping to reduce the severity of these allergies.

We use hot water extraction method to deep-clean your carpet and remove soil, odors and spots. It’s the method recommended by most carpet manufacturers. It’s safe, effective, and dries fast.

Why Do You Need Carpet Cleaning?

  Carpets are the largest source of small allergenic particles that become airborne when walked across,

  This makes air inside your home polluted, which affects the health of your family, as they breathe this unhygienic air,

  The polluted air inside your home can further cause and worsen lung diseases, such as asthma.

  Carpet cleaning using hot water extraction, will eliminate dirt and allergens trapped deep in your carpets and keep the air inside your home clean resulting in a healthy environment

Nice And Clean Carpet Cleaning Service


Quality deep carpet cleaning, knowledgeable and experienced personnel, providing pleasant experience to our valued customers.

If you l need a professional carpet cleaning 24 Superior Cleaning offers you great cleaning service at reasonable price. We strive to deliver, efficient,  quality, including green options to customers. 

Our carpet cleaning is convenient, quick and hassle-free and we will have your house right back to its normal state in no time.

Your home will smell fresh and clean, and your air quality will be improved due to the removal of the allergens that have been hiding in your carpet and rugs.

No matter if you are having one room cleaned or your entire home or office carpets, getting the best price without compromising quality is something that should always be on your mind. At 24 Superior Cleaning we keep our prices competitive.