One-Off Cleaning Services

Does Your Home Need a Deep Cleaning?

For our regular house visits, we also offer one-time cleaning services that can leave your home looking spectacular—regardless of whether you are hosting a special event or just want it to look special before the holidays.

At 24 Superior Cleaning, we know that not every house has the same needs and not ever homeowner has the same preferences. That is why we pride ourselves on offering services that can be completely customized to your needs and wants.

How We Get Your Home Looking Amazing

At 24 Superior Cleaning, we never leave your clean up to chance. That is why we utilize our Professional House Cleaning Checklist, which is a framework that allows us to ensure every corner of your home is sparkling every single time that we visit.

What do we clean when we follow the checklist?


We often start in this room and focus on counters, cabinets, backsplashes, appliances, dishwasher, floors, refrigerators, stove, oven, exteriors, faucets, sinks, and more. 


The bathroom is often the dirtiest part of the entire house. That is why we always give it more attention. We clean basins, sinks, bathtubs, tiles, faucets, counters, mirrors, floors, and more.

we will clean..

  • clean drawers/shelves/cabinets inside and out,
  • clean the fridge and freezer inside and out, (the freezer must be switched off one day before the cleaning session and completely defrosted)
  • clean the microwave inside and outside,
  • clean/wash all tops and surfaces,
  • clean/wash the sink, remove lime scale,
  • clean /wipe the door, door handle and door frame, remove marks and finger prints,
  • dust lamp shade/ light switches,
  • remove high cobwebs,
  • sweep/vacuum/ mop floor,


  • clean the extractor over the cooker,
  • clean the oven inside and outside,

we will clEan..

  • clean/disinfect toilet seat inside and outside, toilet bowl inside and outside,
  • clean/wash the bathtub (shower cabin), tabs,
  • clean/wash the sink/taps,
  • clean mirrors,
  • clean/wash all tops and surfaces,
  • clean the cabinets inside and outside (if there are any),
  • clean/dust the fan (if possible),
  • clean/wipe the door and door handle, remove marks and finger prints,
  • remove high cobwebs,
  • sweep/vacuum/mop the floor,


  • clean/wash the tiles and between the tiles, remove lime scale,


We believe that your bedroom should be your sanctuary. That is why we take extra steps to make it look beautiful, including making the bed, changing the sheets if you give us new sheets, cleaning tables, lamps, furniture, and more!

Living Areas

When we visit your living room, we will clean all furniture, sweep / vacuum, and dust

we will clean..

  • clean/wipe wardrobes and drawers inside and outside,
  • clean/dust all tops and surfaces,
  • wipe picture frames and lamp shades,
  • clean/wipe skirting boards,
  • clean/wipe the door, door frame and door handle, remove marks and finger prints,
  • clean/wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt,
  • remove high cobwebs,
  • sweep/vacuum/mop the floor,

we will clean..

  • clean/ wipe skirting boards,
  • dust picture frames,
  • clean/wash all doors,door frames and door handles,
  • dust lamp shades,
  • clean/wipe light switches, remove finger prints and dirt,
  • dust /wipe window blinds (extra charges may apply),
  • clean around fireplace and radiators,
  • clean mirrors,
  • we clean the windows only on the inside (if you wish your windows to be cleaned on the outside-if possible toreach-extra charge will apply), clean the window frames,window stills
  • sweep/vacuum/mop floors,

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No matter your exact needs, we encourage you to contact our team as soon as possible. We proudly offer free in-home cleaning estimates where we can discuss the needs of your house and determine the best game plan to deliver the beautiful clean that you deserve.

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